Progress Can Only Be Made From The Bottom Up

9 min readNov 2, 2020
Image Source: League of Women Voters of Tacoma-Pierce County

Local elections affect people’s everyday lives. We all want police reform, but we have no clue who our Sheriff is. We want criminal justice reform but we have no idea who the prosecutor is.

It’s no surprise that voters claim to not informed about their local candidates platforms or even the local issues being debated because information is not easily available. That’s not by accident — it’s largely by design. Make no mistake — Local politicians fight to hold onto power just as much as Federal ones do. Local elections are far less regulated and those regulations vary widely from state to state. They can get away with pretty much encouraging the majority of their constituents not to vote by keeping the information about the elections, the candidates and the issues at hand within a small circle of regularly involved locals.

We always think the best way is to work from the top down, but honestly, I believe if we worked from the bottom up, not only would we see quicker progress, but that rapid progress would eventually force the hand of the House and Senate to move as well.

We need to be voting for people who can actually make the changes we want to see. If we support progressive local and state candidates, the federal landscape would change.

A big part of me wishes all the excitement for the pomp and circumstance of the Presidential elections would trickle down to state and (especially) local elections. It really bothers me when I read endless complaint comments online about various issues all but knowing many of those commenters likely didn’t vote in their local and state elections.

Presidential elections always motivate many more people on both sides to discuss the issues and support a candidate. It seems as if some people think the President is all-powerful and can follow through on all of his policy promises without support from the other branches. It amazes me to see people who are so passionate about various issues but neglect to research and vote for state and local candidates who share their views.

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