First off, I’m not virtue signaling. Second, if you reread your comments you’ll easily see there are responses from BIPOC individuals. So, even in this small sample, you are wrong about that.

Rereading your comment, I do see your point, though. I think the issue stems from lacking to specifically point out that the views you’re discussing come from Pro-Trump Black voters only. I agree it’s presumptious to say you’re speaking for all Blacks but your phrasing doesn’t make it clear that your not.

Trump’s relative popularity among black Americans because they actually say so out loud. For one thing, they are tired of white liberals holding the mantle of the leftist brand of anti-racism.

Holding 18% of the vote is not “relative popularity”. The ones saying this are the ones who are within that 18%.

There are endless articles on Medium from Black writers speculating on the views the loudest of these 18% project as their reasoning. These are not White saviors or allies or performance pieces. These are Black authors.

I’d argue the same is true about anti-racism writers. If you look at my writing, there isn’t one piece about Black America. I feel that its my job to listen to what BIPOC individuals want because they are the experts of what they need. You seem to agree. My question to you is why you find the views of the minority of these Black Trump supporters, many that several Black writers condemn, to represent what Black people need? Why do you amplify their voices to silence the hundreds of Black anti-racism authors and writers that disagree with their sentiments? Johnny Silvercloud Marley K. Allison Gaines Genius Turner David Dennis, Jr. Catherine Pugh, Esq. Estacious(Charles White) The Only Black Guy In the Office Rod T. Faulkner Herbert Dyer, Jr. Sam McKenzie Jr. William Spivey Bonsu Thompson are some great writers here to start with on reading perspectives about anti-racism from the Black perspective of the non-Trump supporters. Many of these individuals have offered their thoughts on the 18% of Black Trump supporters, just like the authors you listed. Their reasoning claims are widely different. Their voices are equally important.

I see that you’re just trying to do your best. So am I. We both agree we should allow Black Americans to speak for themselves. I feel we both accomplished that by uplifting and defending their voices today and encouraging one another to seek them out. We’re on the same side. I will read your recommendations.

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